Rome Specialty Company has created the American Made Partner (AMP) Award.
It is presented to retailers that carry ROSCO, SAMPO and DONNMAR products.

Rome Specialty Company, the oldest and largest manufacturer of terminal tackle in the United States, has been manufacturing terminal fishing tackle in Rome, NY since 1926.

Rome Specialty Company, takes pride in their high-quality, American-made products and has a history of customer satisfaction dating almost 100 years. The company has withstood the Great Depression, a World War, and ever-increasing foreign competition strictly because of the quality of products that they produce.  

At RSC we stand behind products that are American made and the retailers that sell those products.” says Jack Butts, President, “We developed the AMP Award to recognize retailers that are committed to supporting our country and manufacturers that work hard every day to supply jobs to people in our communities and products that are made in America”

Foreign and imported fishing products dominate the fishing tackle industry.  Domestic manufacturers need to keep producing the highest quality tackle in the world, retailers and wholesalers need to keep stocking and supply it, and the American fishing consumer needs to demand that their fishing tackle is “Made in the USA’.

For more information on the American Made Partner (AMP) program or to join the American-Made tackle movement please sign up here

We will be announcing our first 2023 AMP Award Winner soon!