Rome Specialty Company Historic Timeline, est. 1926 | ROSCO | ROSCO, Inc


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Rome Specialty Company, Inc.

Manufactured in USA


1926- Rome Specialty Company was incorporated under New York State Laws.  The principal products were sport and commercial fishing swivels and snaps.  Gradually over the years other items were added such as nets, gaff hooks, and a complete line of inexpensive fly and casting reels.

1933- To broaden the line, Rome Specialty Co. purchased the Knight Archery Company, a local manufacturer of bows and arrows.

1942- The Rome Sporting Goods Company was purchased.  This company specialized in the fabrication of leather products, some of the product line included archery accessories such as quivers, armguards, and shooting gloves.  They also produced a quality line of fishing aides such as wading sandals, surf rod spikes, and deep sea fishing equipment.

1951- The Pix Company (a wire-forming firm that made barrel swivels) of Newark, NJ was purchased and located in Forestport, NY.

1957- Sampo, Inc., a California company devoted to producing ball bearing fishing 
swivels, was acquired.  After the acquisition, Sampo, Inc. relocated to Barneveld, NY.

1958- Nassau Tackle Company, Inc. was purchased.  The principal customer of this corporation was the Sears Roebuck Company.

1968- A division of Art Wire and Stamping Company was purchased.

1970- Part of the Art Wire Fishing Department from New Jersey was purchased.

1971- DeWitt Plastic was acquired.

1975-Fenwick/Sevenstrand, Leader Division was added.

1977-Rome Specialty Company (ROSCO) and SAMPO separated.

1998-Various snap machines and tooling were purchased from the Berkley Company.

Present-We continue to make fish stories come true by producing the world’s best terminal tackle.